CH CnSand Bass Ackwards

Optigen Normal                        DOB 12-24-2004

JDCM 1-1 Probable Normal

GM-1 Normal

Improper Coat Normal

CERF Current

OFA Hips Good

 On May 9,2012 Dalilah whelped 6 beautiful pups. 5 girls 

 (3 curly,2 wavy) and 1 wavy boy.

A Special Thank You to Kris Cofiell

for allowing us to breed to her very

handsome Otto.


CH Dig'M UP's Problemma's Delemma

Optigen Normal                                   DOB 7-31-2009

JDCM 1-1 Normal CHIC #82850

GM-1 Normal

Improper Coat Normal

OFA Hips Fair PW-6409F29F-VPI

CERF PW-365284