Dalilah whelped 8 beautiful puppies early Thanksgiving morning. 6 girls, 2 boys, 4 curly, 4 wavy, 4 black and 4 brown! 

GCH Querida's The Green Monster AWD CGC 

Optigen Normal

JDCM 1-1 Normal

GM-1 Normal

Improper Coat Normal

OFA Hips PW-4925G25M-PI Good

OFA Elbows PW-EL1558M25-PI Normal

CERF PW-5741

CH Dig'M UP's Problemma's Delemma 

Optigen  Normal                               DOB 7-31-2009

JDCM   1-1  Normal                           CHIC #82850

GM-1  Normal                                    

Improper Coat  Normal

OFA Hips   Fair PW-6409F29F-VPI

CERF  PW-365284



A special Thank You to Cindy O'Connor for allowing us to use Fenway for this breeding.